*graphics below made by me; link back appreciated if used

what is this place?
this website serves as a place to concentrate my thoughts and ideas in a neat way. i plan to add art, programs i write, and other miscellaneous things.
the name 'carcharodon' comes from the genus name of Carcharodon carcharias, the great white shark.
who i am
my name is tee and i am a 23 year old from the southeastern united states.
i have a BA in criminology and i'm currently working towards an AS in programming and analysis.
i enjoy abnormal psychology, surrealist horror and humor, forensic science, programming and entomology.
i like crocheting, drawing, gaming, or just cuddling up with my pets to watch reruns of forensic files.

• intj
• she/her
• jack of many trades (entomology lab tech, bartending, web development, transcription ... and more! )
• pit bull enthusiast and activist