most of these links have been beat to hell but they're still super cool. they will all be free, save for the option to donate or purchase a premium subscription. my mission here is to provide as many accessible, high-quality digital resources as possible.

open source knowledge: free learning is punk rock!

wikipedia: the most obvious choice. i think a lot about how many teachers told me wikipedia was not a reliable source growing up, and the conspiracy theorist in me feels like this message was somehow communicated to them with the intent of discrediting one of the greatest compilations of free information in human history.

sci-hub: a currently working mirror of sci-hub as of 4/26/2022. sci-hub was developed by alexandra elbakyan and launched in 2011. it serves to host academic publications for free, regardless of copyright or price. sci-hub occasionally goes down due to ongoing legal battles. this site got me through undergrad with it's URL/DOI search functions. i cannot imagine how much more difficult writing large assignments would have been if a majority of the research i wanted to reference was locked behind lofty paywalls. a future without sci-hub would be a serious shame.

duolingo: though it offers a premium subscription (which i wholeheartedly recommend if you can manage it), duolingo is the best free language learning platform i have come across. 40+ language courses are availible in a full spectrum of difficulties. it is the primary way i learned russian before taking classes in college. duolingo is on-par with those classes!