➤4-28-2023: Added a couple new songs to the Record Cabinet.
➤4-26-2023: Addition of the Blog. after careful consideration, i've decided to relink it and the old posts that were on it in all of their angsty teenaged glory. Fixed broken links in the record cabinet. unlinked previous blinkies page and added a collapsible to the about section that shows blinkies. also added my own self-made blinkies!
➤4-25-2023: Addition of the Toolbox. Really well-known, barebones stuff on there right now, but once I trawl my bookmark folders i'll add more.
➤4-24-2022: Mild overhaul of layout. Added iframes and changed color palette. Removed old weird cringey stuff from undergrad and cleaned up unused assets. The new color palette is similar to the one I used on my very first homepage back in middle school, as well as the palette that was initially featured on this site. The red/black was cool but it felt really edgy.